Alexa on a Mission

Trying to keep my head above water today. It’s an improvement. I feel like I’ve been drowning for so long.

I finally feel like I’m on the road to acceptance. I cannot change what I cannot control. Borrowing worry will get me no where.

The truth feels way better. Once I begin to move on I will find love again. A better love. An actual love. A love that will make me forget how hurt I’ve been.

One day at a time. One minute at a time.

Step one: see a doctor for my anxiety and possible depression.

Step two: see a therapist to unload my totally fucked up mind.

My new mission. Happiness.






im poor ill try it

ooohhh i have to try this

Sweet Jesus

I was like: WHY ARE WE NOT FUNDING THIS. And then I realized pizza rolls.

I made these, and I highly recommend you do the same


For the majority of my life I have been plus size, and not until recently did I realize that it was okay. I’ve spent countless years trying fad diet after fad diet to be someone else’s ideal. It sickens me to think just how much society has dictated my self-love. No one should be made to feel…